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WWIVlink was an offshoot of WWIVNet after a Saint Louis Missouri based BBS rebellion happened against Wayne Bell and the WWIVnet by dozens of Saint Louis based SYSOPS.


Wayne Bell and other SYSOPS had control of WWIVnet and what was allowed with it. There was some politics between SYSOPS and users of many BBSes of what was allowed and what was not allowed on WWIVnet. Eventually "Third Stage BBS" decided to start their own WWIVnet based node with other BBSes called WWIVlink and manage their own node list to bypass the WWIVnet but still use the network software.


The 314 area SYSOPS of WWIVlink donated money for a decicated BBS node server to connect to long distance BBSes to send and receive messages from other BBSes. The BBS node server would connect to other WWIVlink BBSes long distance and exchange packets and then dial the local WWIVlink BBSes and exchange packets. It was one of the first networks made after the original WWIVnet, and many more were formed later.


Wayne Bell was limiting what BBS systems could join, and there was a crack down on what could be posted to WWIVnet message boards. Many in the WWIVlink felt this was a form of censorship that made WWIVnet worse than Fidonet and decided to form their own network to bypass it. It wasn't censorship of swear words, or illegal activities, or anything like that, it was cenorship of any critiscm of Wayne Bell, WWIV, WWIVnet, certain political parties, certain software companies, and many other things that should not have been censored or cause a BBS to be removed from WWIVnet. The WWIVlink rebellion called Wayne Bell a tyrant and decided they wanted their own freedom from him.