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Vixlab BBS (+61-2-9873-3201) was a dual line Bulletin Board System in the Sydney suburb of North Rocks running Andrew Milners Remote Access software.

The system took it's first caller in 1994 and was dismantled sometime during 1998. Originally accepting calls up to V32bis using Maestro modems the BBS was one of the first in the country to be equipped with a Microcom Deskporte fast utilising the then unratified 'V.FC' standard allowing blistering DTE-DTE speeds of up to 28800bps.

The filebase was relatively humble sporting a couple of NightOwl CD-ROM's, a well maintained games file-area which hosted some of the nostalgic Apogee/Epic/ID titles and a comprehensive programming file-area including Pascal and Assembly.

The BBS was part of the Fidonet, it's address was 3:711/947 and it obtained it's mail from the City BBS in Berowra. It's system operator was Victor Zdanowicz-Muchlado.