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Tin Pan Alley (1991-1999)
Phone: +1-206-742-7782, +1-206-347-3286
FidoNet: 1:343/264
Location: Mukilteo, WA, US
Sysop: Steve Walcher
Software: PCBoard

Tin Pan Alley was an Internet-connected BBS with nodes in Seattle and Everett, WA. It was a member of FidoNet and RoseNet, carried all of the RelayNet conferences, and used UUCP to retrieve email and Usenet news. Subscribers paid $25/year for an Internet mail address, no file ratios, and 180 minutes / 5MB download per day. The board offered at least 18 different door games and in 1997 had 2GB (six CD-ROMs) of files online.

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