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Undercity (1993-1996)
Phone: +1-209-683-3673
Location: Oakhurst, CA, US
Sysop: Korrupt
Software: Oblivion/2

The Undercity was an underground HPAC board in 209 during the mid-90s. It was a member of Prophecy, ShadowNet, CCi Net, DeadNet, AAA Net, DNA Net, and Non Net and a distro site for the groups BGR, DiE, HCH, MiS, HiT, and LoC. Local callers were usually denied access, while long-distance and international callers provided the bulk of the 5000+ files available. The sysop, Korrupt, ran an ezine called RoT and had archived over 1500 viruses and codes.

As the Sysop for this BBS I thank whomever wrote this. When I first started I was getting BlueBox calls from Holland, and it just went from there. This was ran off of a 16mhz/286 with a 2400 baud modem and 20meg HD at first. The upgrade to a 386 and 14.4k modem was huge. Ran out of my parents house, unknown to them. Still have it all on floppy backup somewhere, pre-internet was a wild-west.

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