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The Computer Room BBS[]

The first The Computer Room BBS was in Jacksonville Florida ran by Tim Hicks. Tim moved to Belleview, Florida where we met where we both worked for the same company. Somewhere around 1990 Tim moved away to MD where Sandifer Platt took over the BBS and purchased some of his hardware and also purchased my own copy of PCBoard Software 12.x and the adventure began. I also used the name of The Computer Room South BBS in case Tim was goinbg to install his BBS again from MD.

By the end of 1990 I had my garage into a Computer Room - with 4 PC from IBM XT to AT, four modems (US Robotics), Shareware Library of Night Owl and others being used, 6 CD Rom Changer and Cabled together and was a member of RIME and FIDONET networks. Back then it was easy to add a child phone line for 6.00 more a month.

In the early 1990's along with other Sysops we created MCBUG (Marion Country BBS User Groups), Frank Folwer of The Tree BBS was the original founder of this group. Frank and I later on granted dual access to our users - if You joined one you joined both.

In 2008 I realize that I still had most of the PCBoard software and more free time so I decided to again return to the BBS world. Currently a member of FIDONET again 1:18/25 and telnet access is allowed 24/7. Shareware CD are being restore and some backup tapes I came accross. Also Global War and many other Doors are being registerd and now online. I only run register doors and products on this BBS

Now Located in Greensboro, NC and website is and telnet:// PCBoard 15.x. eMail: - come by and visit see what a BBS was like in the 90's - maybe play Hangman while you wait for someone to finish Global War.

*There was another TCR (The Computer Room BBS) in London, Ontario Canada as well. 519-659-7921 was the primary number, running Spitfire BBS Software. The BBS was run by one of the owners of AccuTech Software, home of SFMaster BBS Admin software. - D. Motloch