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Starship (198?-1994?)
Phone: (281) ?
Location: Katy (?), Texas
Sysop: Dan Heiner
Software: unknown

This was a science fiction-themed BBS that was run from either Houston or Katy, Texas.

Below is part of a thread from February, 1989 between three of its users.

Tue Feb 7, 1989 11:16 PM > 3 new of 13 responses

I overheard a conversation between a couple of aquaintances over that new Time/Life trash book collection, Mysteries of the Unexplained and all..and other nonsense.

Get this...the Egyptians (probably space aliens, but you never know) built the Great Pyramids not 40 miles from the 30-30 degrees longitude latitude, why did they do that? Is there some THING about the Double Thirty?


The Egyptians built the pyramids some time B.C. There was no mention of the fact that the English devised the current system of latitude/longitude in the 1800's or so...quite a while after the pyramids had been built. And it's all coincidence...the 0 degree meridian runs through Greenwich, England...and 30 N 30 W just happens to be 40 miles northeast of those three pyramids...

Amazing, I think, at the nonsense that breeds on its own.


> New responses <

> RESPONSE 11 > By MEGAZONER (SS251) > On Sun Feb 12, 1989 11:04 PM

Nyah, nyah can anyone stand such nonsense? No offense, but think about it? Psychic teleportation? Telepathy? Precognition?

Can you imagine why we even have telepathy? There is no evolutionary reason for it to even exist. If some animal were to develop telepathy, it would be the greatest predator that ever lived, 'cos who can run from a creature that reads the mind of its prey? It'd eat everything...and die out.

Besides, there is no PROOF, just REPORTS of crapola. I can report taht a weasel ran into my room, got on my Commie and wrote a duplicate version of Touchterm 7.7 and then dissolved... MI

> RESPONSE 12 > By DR. COMP (SS229) > On Wed Feb 15, 1989 5:03 PM

Hey that happend to me once!!! Must be an example of the untapped powers of a weasel's brain!!!

FACT or FICTION???? Who Cares!!?

Later, Dr. Comp

> RESPONSE 13 > By WITCHFINDER GENERAL (SS160) > On Fri Feb 24, 1989 7:31 PM

Excellent Dr. Comp!! I can imagine you throwing eggs at your tv screen whenever an ad for the Enquirer comes on the box. -Witchfinder General, laughing up a storm


This BBS was changed to what was probably the general chat BBS’s of Les La Bon Tonte Roule (which would revert back to the Starship after only one month) and Videorome, which was possibly a tv-themed BBS (which also reverted back to Starship).