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Silicon Realms BBS (1987-2000)
Phone: +1-209-754-1363
Sysop: Larry Anderson ("Joe Commodore")
Software: All American BBS, C-Net, Image BBS

Silicon Realms BBS, started in 1987 as the MotherLode 64 BBS, ran on a Commodore 64 for at least 13 years. When it began, there were very few BBSes in the 209 area code. In 1993, sysop Larry Anderson created SiliCon, a "semi-whenever" informal gathering of gamers from various local boards (such as CCOE BBS, Brown Bag BBS, Multiversal Dreams, Starbase XV, Crash's Polymorphic Pseudoverisimilitude, Mekton II, and Log Cabin). Six SiliCon events were held between 1993 and 2000. Anderson now has a website at which includes a page about his BBS. Port Commodore was a BBS run by Fred Dart ("The Chief"), one of the creators of the Image BBS software.

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