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Sci-Fi BBS (1986-1998)
Phone: +61-2-6464865
Location: Sydney, Australia
Sysop: Greg
Software: unknown (modified TI-99/4A BBS), Tag BBS, DLG

The Sci-Fi BBS in Sydney was online from January 26th, 1986 to May 30th, 1998. The BBS started out on a TI-99/4A with 2 DS/DD 5.25" drives (total of 720K of disk space) and graduated to an Amiga 500 and then to an Amiga 2000. It was the first Australian BBS to feature a multiplayer game, called "GAMEROOM". It first ran on a commercial TI-based BBS written in BASIC, which Greg spent a great deal of time improving. After the transition to the Amiga, the board ran Tag BBS and later DLG.