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Rendezvous Houston BBS (1986-1992)
Phone: (713) ?
Location: Kemah, Texas
Sysop: Chris O'Rourke
Software: Specialized/self-made

Rendezvous Houston started out as a general BBS, but then migrated into being an online chat site as well. Usage fees ranged from $10, $30 or $50 a month, depending on the year.

Below is part of a chat string that occurred on January 6, 1988, spoofing the sex therapist Doctor Ruth Westheimer call-in radio show.

L1) Caller 6 Dr. Ruth, is it immoral to master____ while the cats are watching?

D1) the shadow I know

F1) -=>Robert<=- what are yall talking about?

B1) Dr. Ruth well, some people don't like they're pets to watch them...for one thing.........the pets can't do it themseleves and they may get jealous. I suggest you send out the pet.