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RBBS was originally written in the late 1970s for the CP/M operating system, and was ported to the IBM PC in the 1980s. The PC port, simplified by the fact that that it was written in BASIC, gave RBBS even more momentum and additional features, making it the well-known program it is in history. Over the years, it has had numerous contributors, including Howard Moulton, Trevor Marshall, Bruce Ratoff, Ron Fowler, and many others.

RBBS appears to have a predecessor/ancestor in a program called SJBBS, which Howard Moulton declares to be the source of the program which he converts from. Two known SJBBSes were Bearsville Town SJBBS in Bearsville, NY, and Johnson City SJBBS in Johnson City, NY.

C. R. Bryan III writes:

"There was a version of RBBS for CP/M: RBBS 4.1 edit 02. Written in C, it compiled under BDS C on CP/M machines. I ran it on my Ampro Little Board 1-A (a Z80 single-board computer that bolted onto the side of a 5-1/4" floppy drive and came with CP/M 2.2 with a ZCPR3 CCP; the 1-B had a SCSI port and could use a hard drive in 5M partitions) 1984-86 using BYE's ring-back option (ring once and hang up; ring again in 30 seconds and the BBS would be booted and waiting... made for some panicky file-saves if I was doing some editing at the time)."


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