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Pegasus Flight----
Sysop:  Vagabond
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s):  George Pope.
Software:  Mystic (Dos)
Network Affiliation(s):  FidoNet/Ponynet/Mirage
Web/Telnet Address:  telnet://972-226-2793
Telnetable:  No
City, State:  Garland, TX
Zip Code:  75043
Country:  USA
Area Code:  972
Prefix:  226
Years Active:  87-2002
Still Active:  Yes
Members:  3

Description: (Update Aug 26, 2004) Sadly 972-226-2793 is a wrong number now, though I have heard it whispered that they want to bring this BBS back... eventually.

Orignally Called Rabbitland in 86-87 then after a virus hit renamed Rabbitland II. In 94 decided needed a change Pegasus Flight or Pegasus Flight/32