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PC Pursuit was one of the great unsung heroes and forgotten aspects of the BBS world of the 80's and 90's. It was basically a service offering use of Sprint's packet network and multi-city modem banks to connect to BBSes from around the country for a much lower rate than calling those BBSes directly.

Artiken of the Artik Breeze BBS writes:

Doing PCP all night can be legal. ;-)"

A couple of years after I got my Commodore 64 I was living in Eureka, California. Approx. 1986.
Being in a remote location, BBS's were scarce. There were some IBM, and C-64 BBS's. A friend read in a magazine for a service where you could dial in ATDT to a local number, type in a code to transfer your call to another city, then ATDT a phone number like it was a local call. This service was called PCPursuit offered by an unknown, in my neck of the woods, company called Sprint.
The fee was $30.00/month. For this 30 dollars you could use this long distance transfer system for 30 hours a month, during off peak times. 6pm till 7am. Peak was a steep $14.00/hour. Off peak was at $7.50/hour. I would use this to call BBS's in NY. I also found out that I could dial long distance numbers. So I would call out from NY to Canada. The long distance charges from NY to Canada were cheaper than if I called directly from my home in California to Canada. With PCP there were no international charges. These extra long distance charges were added to my PCP bill.

I would end up not calling out for several days during the month. So near the end of the month I would make up for my not calling and pull an all nighter. The next day at work I would look like I had done PCP all night. (drug reference intentional)


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