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This was probably a general chat BBS in Houston, Texas.

Below is part of a thread from users Sonny Peterson and Witchfinder General (the latter of which replies are omitted) from June, 1989.

Date: 06-05-89 (13:30) Number: 2805 To: WITCHFINDER GENERAL Refer#: 2797 From: SONNY PETERSON Read: 06-11-89 (20:45) Subj: SWIMSUIT Status: PUBLIC MESSAGE

We were in a Mitsubushi Precis, which is basically a Hyundai. (is that how its spelled?) No, this is one of those cars where the salesman asks how much you weigh before he lets you buy the car. It really behaved well, I must say. But I am superstitious. In order to keep a car running well, you must berate, insult, and abuse it daily. One must never, NEVER say "this sure has been a good car." 15 seconds after I said that about a Chevy I owned for three years, the engine locked up, threw a rod, cracked the block, and leaked oil and water all over the road. I had to sell it for junk ($50). So my philosophy on cars is to talk to them like they are scum, puss, and other disgusting things. If you do this, they perform admirably.


To actually IMPROVE the performance of your car, try something like, "You Disemboweled Piece of Mortified Shit, Vomited from The Loins of The Slimiest, Puss-filled Demons of Hell!" Now, I know what A.J. Foyt would say, but he can afford a REAL car. This is the way us 'sittin on the porch, waitin' for the check' people deal with car maintenance.