BBS Wiki

Me and my Dad used to run this BBS - Keisha is my sisters name.

We had a lot of good times on the board and made a good few friends.... Looking through the lists of BBS's it was funny to think about the amount of boards we had visited.

Just watched the BBS documentary. Brought back a heap of memories.

One thing I remember was that at the end of it all, when we started to get our feet wet in the puddle of the internet, we where reluctant to let go of the BBS. I remember chatting with a user who asked us if our BBS was telnetable, and I didn't know what they meant. I found out and asked my Dad if we could try the internet.

He told me that he had connected on our Hayes Optima 28.8 (the latest toy) to our local ISP and only got a 14.4 connect. He wasn't happy and said "Who want's to surf the 'net in a rowboat!"... Still makes me laugh to this day.