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The KLOL radio station started in 1947 in Houston, Texas as KTRH. Their most successful ratings run began in 1970 when they switched to an AOR, or album oriented rock format, which would make them one of the highest-rated rock radio stations in all of the United States. Although they mostly played rock from there on, they also had the 11 O’Clock Blues show, played heavy metal on the weekends (either Saturday or Sunday night, depending on the year), had a spinoff television video show known as 101 Rock Place on Saturdays at 11 p. m. and had a risque a. m. talk show that drew repeated fines from the FCC, mostly in regards to sexual content.

In 2004 the format was switched to Latin rock and pop, ending KLOL’s rock reign.

During their height, KLOL also had an online BBS as well during the late 1980s.


Also keeping up with their rock theme, the KLOL Rock Info Computer BBS shared news, tour dates, etc. in regards to rock and heavy metal artists.