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Hidden Reef----
Sysop:  Richard Bell
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s):  Ernie Pergrem
Software:  S&T TI-99/4A
Telnetable:  No
City, State:  Staten Island, NY
Zip Code:  10301
Country:  U.S.A.
Number:  718-448-9402
Years Active:  3
Still Active:  Yes
Members:  1

Description: The Hidden Reef BBS VIA The Keep BBS

If you are interested in dialing into The Hidden Reef BBS and don't
have a modem or land line anymore. Using your peecee telnet to or and create an account. After your
account is created type /go dialout at the command prompt and enter
then type d1 and enter. You will then be able to log on here.

Also, you can dial the keep BBS with a modem at (503)523-0136

Thanks to Greg McGill for making this possible.

Boca 56k Modem
V.32/V.42 bis Capable!
Through-put = 19200 bps


32k on 16 bit buss @ 3.58 MHz