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Harbour Lights BBS (1984-1996)
Phone: +1-207-967-3719
FidoNet: 1:326/209.0
Location: Kennebunkport, ME, US
Sysop: Rick Lembree
Software: DLG

Harbour Lights BBS (originally called "The Telecommunicator's SUPER BOARD") claims to have been the oldest BBS in the state of Maine. It originally ran an a Commodore 64, then in 1989 Rick Lembree bought an Amiga 2000 and moved the BBS to DLG. In 1995, he started Team Amiga, a group of Amiga-supporting BBSers who included the words "Team Amiga" in their signatures. When Lembree died in 1996, his friend John Maguire started The Mousam River BBS as a successor to Harbour Lights. The database of Team Amiga members was transferred to Gary Peake.

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