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FamilyNet Dallas----
Sysop:  Bob Hoffman
Sysop Email: 
Software:  BBBS/NT v4.01 Flag-5
Network Affiliation(s):  Dove, Family, Fido
Web/Telnet Address:  Telnet access-telnet://
Telnetable:  Yes
City, State:  Sachse, TX
Zip Code:  75048
Country:  USA
Area Code:  972
Prefix:  496
Years Active:  (1999-2009)
Still Active:  Yes
Members:  1

Description: FamilyNet Dallas
Telnet access-

24/7 Sachse, Texas
Telnet available, along with E-mail and newsgroups! (wonderful Sysop!)

[Updated November 12, 2009 - Doctor Clu]