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Ezycom is a BBS software package that is fully FidoNet capable, runs traditional "doors" as well as many other advanced features. Many experienced sysops who have worked with it consider it easy to setup and maintain, yet is full featured and well documented, hence the name "Ezycom".

It is less known than many others, but a robust package that has many advanced features. First written and released in 1991 as shareware. The last version was 2.0, released March 5, 2003. The original author is Peter Davies who wrote Ezycom as part of his thesis for his master's degree in computer science. The current developer is Stephen Gibbs. Both reside in Australia.

It supports multiple phone lines using a multitasker, such as QEMM, and ran on DOS 4.0 or higher. It also runs very well under OS/2, eComStation and Windows. Using a virtual modem driver and telnet engine, Ezycom supports telnet connections. It has unique features such as the ability to run the libraries on a RAM drive, which made it faster in multi-line configurations with older versions of DOS that did not support caching. Version 2.0 also gave Ezycom such features as being able to produce HTML pages for its filebase, allowing a sysop to give people access to the BBS filebase via a website.

While development was slow (12 years to get to version 2) each release was known for its stability and it was relatively bug-free. Many 3rd party modules were created to extend the functions of the program, and virtually any standard "door" program could be run, including games like Trade Wars and others. Ezycom still has an active development team. Version 2.15 is currently in beta testing.

In 2008, Stephen Gibbs decided to make the 4 and 10 node licenses of Ezycom free for non-commercial use and to encourage more sysops to run Ezycom. The free license of Ezycom still requires registration but only for tracking purposes.


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