BBS Wiki

was a BBS run by from my home in Arnhem, Netherlands, from approx. 1988 to 1993. It had a dedicated phone line from the start.

The BBS ran on QuickBBS and Remote Access (as they were easily interchangeable, I sometimes switched just for the heck of it), sometimes even multiline on DoubleDos on my 8086 Laser XT3 (with an additional 1 Megabyte of Expanded Memory!), and later on Desqview and Windows 3.1 on my 80386sx, equipped with 4MB of RAM.

Additional software: In some point in time it was expanded with FrontDoor mailer software, to be able to participate in e-mail and newsgroups, the BBS way. Also XRS, XCS, MBUtil and a lot of other stuff were at some time incorporated into the BBS.

Modems used: 1st came in a Repko, able to communicate at 300/300, 1200/75 and 1200/1200 baud. It was followed by a Tornado 2400, and not much later a Tornado 9600, which were sold at "sysop" prices of still 1000 Dutch guilders, or €400. That latest one made me fastest BBS in Arnhem, for a very short while. When a 14k4 modem arrived, my attention had already turned to the Internet.

The BBS supported all contemporary archive formats for uploads, which were all automatically unpacked and scanned with at least 3 up-to-date anti virus programs, before allowing uploads to be downloaded again (remember Thunderbyte anyone?).

The purpose of the BBS (besides it being a fun thing to be running) in the first place was to try and create security awareness, in the second place to make security software available (mostly authenctication and encryption software, and some antivirus software) and in the third place to help interested people in the Arnhem region to setup their own BBSes.

After Internet became publicly available, I didn't see much use for a BBS anymore.

Which made my wife very happy, as stopping the BBS cut about 90% off my phone bill... and allowed me to give her some more attention.