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Digital Vision (1987-1994)
Phone: +1-213-732-6935, +1-213-734-5732
Sysop: Dion Kraft

Digital Vision was run by Dion Kraft with graphics programming

done by Basi Angulo. We devised a way to scroll MAC graphics

on a PC moving the image left to right bottom and then sideways

then left bottom to right top. Basi Angulo ran his BBS MicroCell near my house in the hoover/washington area zip 90006. These files became a instant hit and we created at least three a night almost everyday. Later on I created threeD images on the MAC and erotic images with fantastic backgrounds for download. The BBS intially ran RBBS but went with TBBS with multi line (6) phone lines. Rudy Hartman (who was in the pc salvage and resell biz) helped us with purchases of realiable hard drives and some artwork. It was a heady time for graphics going from CGA to EGA to VGA. The realization that photorealistic graphics could appear on your PC was unheard of and people who could afford the phone bills were downloading to no end. Due to the MAC being more graphic capable we converted those files to PC format so that the world could see them on their PCs.

Entry by Dion Kraft - 3/25/2011

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