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Sysop:  Ronald Hall
Co-Sysop(s):  ICQ #84829770 (Internet)
Software:  BBS Express ST (Atari)
Network Affiliation(s):  Dark|Lord - IRC, #atari, #atariscne, #mintos
Web/Telnet Address: 520
Telnetable:  Yes
City, State:  Prestonsbrug, Ky
Zip Code:  41653
Country:  USA
Area Code:  606
Years Active:  7+
Still Active:  Yes
Members:  1

Description: DarkForce! used to be a dialup BBS, now available over telnet like so many other Atari BBS's. Good selection of message bases (mostly Atari related) and unique Atari ST door games.
Currently, The DarkForce! BBS is running on the following software
and hardware. (subject to upgrading all the time!)

A) We use BBS Express! ST software, v1.98a and are very proud of it.

B) Atari Mega ST2, upgraded to TOS version 1.04 with 2 megs of Ram.
(The Mega was one of the most popular Atari models)

C) Atari SC1224 color monitor (JVC brand) [the view is good]

D) Seagate 4.5 Gig hard drive in a two-bay external case, all of it is
connected via a Link II. (we now use HDDriver version 7.61 for our
hard drive software)

E) SysQuest EZ-135 removeable drive for backup. We use and recommend
the Syquest highly...

F) ->Lantronix UDS10 embedded server. (this nifty device does modem
emulation and is what allows DarkForce! to be accessible by FTP)

J) * Upgrade the OS of our Mega ST to TOS version 2.06...and possibly
go to 4 megs of Ram.

  • Planned upgrade...
    -> Recent upgrade....