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Sysop:  Garry Grosse
Software:  TBBS
City, State:  Dallas, Tx
Country:  USA
Area Code:  972
Prefix:  690
Years Active: 


A multi-line BBS with many message areas. Was one of the earliest services in the Dallas area that offered email, telnet, IRC, and other internet features.

Quoted from:

BBS Online Community Accounts Chrysalis also runs the largest, and busiest, BBS (Bulletin Board System) in the State of Texas. Online since 1979, the BBS represents one of the largest and oldest regional online communities in existance. Use your modem to dial (972) 690-9295 or (817) 540-5565 or telnet to become a part of this online community. Thousands of members, hundreds of online games, dozens of interactive chat areas, and dozens of other features online.

*All baud rates supported on all lines 300-57600 bps

*Interactive multi-user CB-style chat channels (talk to other members)

*Internet access: Internet E-Mail, telnet, FTP, shell accounts, and more

*Dozens of special interest areas -- literally thousands of msgs online

*Networked with other systems around the nation and the world

*Text, graphics, and ANSI color all completely supported

*Over 175+ GIGAbytes of downloadable files online

*QWK compatible offline mail readers fully supported

*No file upload requirements or ratio enforcement as on most systems

*Fastest and widest selection of file transfer protocols

*Largest collection of graphic, sound, DOS, & Windows files in D/FW

*Dozens of interactive, real-time games of chance & excitement online

*Instantaneous, easy to use, hot-keyed, menus

*Less than 2 seconds to any area on the system

*Technical areas for PCs, MACs, Amigas, DTP, WP, & more

*Thousands of interesting, intelligent, diverse members

*Connex -- The Biographical, Friendship, and Matchmaking System

*Social activities planned regularly

*Online since October 31, 1979 -- 24 hours per day

Use your modem and your favorite communications software to logon to the largest BBS in Texas !!!

Dallas ........... (972) 690-9295

Ft Worth ....... (817) 540-5565

Internet ... telnet