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This was believed to be a general chat BBS that was situated in Houston, Texas in the late 1980s.

Below is a post that was put up in July, 1988 on the site by a user named Mad Max.

     Written By: Written By
     On: THURS., 7/21 10:52 pm
     Subject: AAAUUUGH!!

    Anybody ELSE out there have a dream
    where you're standing on a pyramid
    naked, and there's a bunch of topless
    swiss chics at the bottom throwing
    twinkies & ho-hos at you while King
    Kong is in the background vaccuming
    up little chinese people who live
    in toledo?
    How about a dream where you're stuck
    in a closet with a shoe salesman
    from Weiser, Idaho, and all of a
    sudden 20 or 30 small pickles squeeze
    their way under the crack and eat
    him alive, while your best friend
    and girlfriend are doing 'The Nasty'
    in the toilet?
    Why am I the only one who has these
                  /))  /))
                 / /ad/ /ax