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8-Bit Guild BBS----
Sysop:  Lord Cygnus
Sysop Email: 
Co-Sysop(s):  -
Software:  BBS Express! 1.0
Network Affiliation(s):
Web/Telnet Address:
Telnetable:  Yes
City, State:  Houston, TX
Zip Code:  77001
Country:  U.S.A.
Area Code:  713
Prefix:  xxx
Years Active:  1
Still Active:  No

Description: 8-Bit Guild BBS running on a genuine Atari 130XE, 3 1050 disk drives, Atari 850 interface, and Lantronix UDS-10 serial device for telnet. This nostalgic project is running the original BBS Express! 1.0 and SpartaDos 2.3e. Call it at:

I was a BBS junkie. My addiction was dialing up BBS's locally and nationwide exchanging messages and software. It was great fun. I miss those days! :(

/|\tari Rulz!