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  • January 12 - The Offworld BBS in St. Louis, MO is shut down by the FBI for pornographic images.
  • January 30 - Rusty & Edie's BBS of Boardman, Ohio, is busted/seized by the FBI for software piracy.
  • March 8 - The 9-Month "Akron Anomaly BBS" felony court case comes to an end, with sysop Mark Lehrer pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of "Attempted Possession of Criminal Tools" (his computer). Lehrer had first been charged with distribution of pornography to minors, based on the existence of adult GIFs in a non-adult section of his BBS. The Akron, Ohio police deparment had quickly withdrawn this case and changed it to an accusation of distribution of child pornography, also never proven.
  • May 24 - Hayes Microcomputer announces a new Sysop Program, where qualified sysops are able to purchase Hayes modems at greatly discounted rates. It is similar to a Sysop Program by US Robotics, introduced earlier.
  • June 2 - The RIPCO BBS officially becomes an ISP, incorporating as Ripco Communications, offering both free and for-pay accounts, including full Usenet and e-mail access.
  • June 9 - Emmanuel Goldstein, editor of 2600, appears before the House Subcommittee on Telecommunications and Finance regarding Network Security. Representative Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) The session becomes known as the "Emmanuel Bashing", as Rep. Markey and other members of the committee grill Goldstein on the pros and cons of publishing 2600 magazine. 2600 magazine holds up the transcript as an example of the gulf of perception between Markey and the hacker community.
  • August 2 - Michael Elansky, a 21 year old University of Hartford student, is arrested for two "anarchy" files on his "Ware House BBS", which contain bomb-making instructions. Unable to post the $500,000 bail, Elansky waits in jail for nearly 4 months, and eventually plea-bargains to 28 months of prison, down from a possible 10 years. The case recieves a lot of attention for its first amendment issues.
  • August 3 - The Fear and Loathing BBS out of Birmingham, Alabama is busted by the FBI for piracy of Novell and Quarterdeck products.
  • August 18 - RemoteAccess BBS v2.00 is Released.
  • August 25 - ONE BBSCON '93 is held at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The event goes from the 25th to the 29th.
  • August 27 - The National Online Media Association, a trade association of BBS Sysops, ISPs and online media figures, is formed at ONE BBSCON '93 in Colorado Springs.
  • September 22 - RemoteAccess BBS v2.01 is Released.
  • November 19 - Michael Elansky (The Ionizer) is sentenced to 28 months in prison for having bomb-making instructions on his BBS. Elansky had been held for nearly four months in prison, unable to make a $500,000 bail.


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