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  • February 25 - Taran King and Knight Lightning publish PHRACK Issue #24. This issue contains an article, "Control Office Administration Of Enhanced 911 Service by The Eavesdropper", which leads to an indictment of Knight Lightning early the following year.
  • August 14 - Daniel T. Depew and Dean Ashley Lambey of Richmond, Virginia are arrested on charges of plotting to kidnap, molest and kill a boy in a videotape. The pair initially contact undercover agents via a computer bulletin board service, bringing further attention to the case and considered to be one of the first nationwide computer bulletin board entrapment cases. Ultimately, Depew is sentenced to 33 years in prison and Lambey to 30. While the BBS angle is slight, it is played up significantly in the media, to the point that some papers indicate the pair were pre-selling the snuff film on local computer bulletin boards.
  • August 24 - Fidocon '89 is held in San Jose, CA from the 24th to the 27th of August.
  • September 4 - Thom Henderson, chairman of the International FidoNet Association, announces that a FidoNet-wide referendum will be presented to all FidoNet sysops over whether to pass control of FidoNet to the IFNA.
  • December 4 - FidoNews Editor Vince Perriello announces that the referendum on the passage of control of FidoNet to the IFNA has closed, and the votes will be tabulated. He calls for everyone involved on both sides to bury the hatchet.


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