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  • March - Jack Rickard founds Boardwatch Magazine, a publication dedicated to the issues and events surrounding bulletin board systems. The magazine lasts over ten years before converting completely to an internet magazine.
  • May 11 - The "Rusty n' Edie's" BBS starts operation in Youngstown, Ohio. Operators Russell and Edwina Hardenburgh grow the system from a single line to over a hundred lines (and computer systems). In 1993, the system is busted by the FBI for piracy, and Rusty is later pulled into a landmark case for having scanned Playboy photos available on the BBS (1997).
  • August 20 - Fidocon '87 (The Fourth International FidoNet Conference) is held at the Radisson Mark Plaza Hotel in Alexandria, VA from August 20th to 22nd.


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