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  • February - The NAPLPS Standard is introduced to the world in BYTE Magazine. The article is called "NAPLPS: A New Standard for Text and and Graphics" by Jim Fleming and William Frezza. In a series of four articles, the authors describe a language for putting graphics and text together in a protocol that can be sent with relatively few commands. This idea is later found in RIP protocol, as well as commercial services like Videotex.
  • February 14 - Mr. George Mike Stickel (29) and Miss Debbie Fuhrman (23) exchange wedding vows from a computer terminal in Grand Prairie, Texas on CompuServe's CB simulator. 76 Wedding guests attended from across the country.
  • March - WWIV BBS Software released to the public.
  • April 8 - "Valley Girl", starring Nicholas Cage, is released. Shot in 22 days, the film is a quick jump-on-the-bandwagon response to "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", and the single "Valley Girl". Cage had previously had a part in "Fast Times". As the Valley Girl craze subsides, the vernacular from these films enters, in a modified form, into teenage lexicon, and on BBSes.
  • June 3 - "WarGames", a movie about a hacker (Matthew Broderick) accidentally bringing about the threat of nuclear war, premieres in theatres nationwide.
  • August - The FBI tracks and visits the 414s, a group of computer hackers in Milwaukee who have entered dozens of corporate and military computers.
  • August - Ralph Fowler goes on-line with the first TIBBS in Kennesaw, Georgia and the Chicago TI Users Group goes on line with their first BBS. Both systems are the first electronic bulletin board systems ever created for a TI-99/4A system.
  • September 5 - Neal Patrick of the 414s appears on the cover of the September 5, 1983 issue of Newsweek.
  • September 26 - Neal Patrick of the 414s testifies to the US Congress about the ease of computer break-ins and the manner in which they could be stopped.
  • December 10 - The RIPCO BBS is founded by Dr. Ripco, running on an Apple II.


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