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  • January 1 - The Kermit Project, a program to create a transparent and flexible file transfer protocol, is begun at Columbia University.
  • April - Mr. Adam Osborne (Osborne Books) unveils the Osborne 1 portable computer. It features a Z80 processor, 5-inch display, 64KB RAM, keyboard, keypad and a pair or 5.25-inch floppy disk drives for $1795.
  • June - Hayes Corporation (Previously D.C. Hayes Associates) releases the Hayes Smartmodem 300, which introduces the AT command set for modems, which standardizes a language for interacting with modems. This language (with additions) is still in use today. The Hayes Smartmodem 300 is capable of dialing the phone and answering incoming calls, all without additional hardware and software. This command set was created by Michael D. Eaton and applied for as a patent on March 3, 1980 (Issued June 7, 1983). The patent number was 4,387,440 and describes the command set in use to the present day. The rights for this command set were purchased by Hayes Corporation and are now known as the "Hayes command set".
  • June 7 - The Chicago Syslink BBS is started on a TRS-80 Model I with 300 bps modem.
  • August - The original IBM PC (Personal Computer) is introduced.
  • December - Cynbe ru Taren writes Citadel BBS software for the Heath H89.


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